Holy Molé® Spicy Dark Chocolate Bar

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Saucy Chocolate Heat Wave

Our 72% dark chocolate Hole Molé® bar blends the unique flavors of caramelized rice crispy, toasted almonds, and a blend of molé spices.

It only takes one bite to unlock the unique sequence of flavors and textures that ripple through our Hole Molé® bar. First comes the crunch as sweet caramelized rice and savory toasted almonds merge with robust dark chocolate.  Saucy suggestions of sesame rise and fall on the back end of the bite. Then finally, just before you can say, “That wasn’t very spicy,” in kicks the heat of four distinct chile peppers: ancho, casabel, mulato and pasilla,

From the Chef: Jean-François originally created the Holy Molé® bar for Tumbador’s® tasting tent at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Annual Chile Pepper Fiesta. He decided to try a variation on molé sauce and finalized the recipe after extensive experimentation with chile pepper blends and ingredient ratios. Holy Molé® was so well received that Jean-François trademarked the bar and incorporated it into our signature Brooklyn Born Chocolate® line. 

Includes: Pack of 6 bars

Shelf Life: 10 Months

Ingredients: dark chocolate (cacao beans, cacao butter, pure cane sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), almond, toffee bits (sugar, butter, vanilla, sea salt), chile blend (pasilla, casabel, ancho, mulato), sesame seeds, fleur de sel

Allergens: contains soy, sesame seeds, nuts & wheat. May contain peanuts, eggs, dairy.

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